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Timeline treatment

Why do we do timeline treatment in homeopathy?

Because we know that... We Repeat what we don’t Repair.

15 years ago, when I chose Homeopathy as a way of life, I had a few challenges.

People wanted to know if I could make a living practising such an “alternative” energetic medicinal system in the Middle East?

I quickly learned that most people are very open to homeopathy, because we all understand energy and the power of intention. My clients would nod their heads and confirm that they resonated with the energetic principles and many have quoted from various religious texts to confirm that.

I however have always loved working with and welcome sceptics. It is such a powerful process. You don’t have do believe in Homeopathy for it to work. Babies and pets do not “believe” or even know that they are being treated with homeopathy. Yet they respond the best to treatment as they have fewer blockages than adults.

Those who know me were not that surprised that I felt a strong resonance with this natural modality, as they understand my passion to heal all and fix the world. Homeopathy healed me and my family on a physical and mental emotional level. Once you achieve this level of optimum health and energy levels you are free to pursue your higher purpose and truth on a soul spiritual level.

I have always been the kind of person that will invest energy and time into doing a good deed, but I was surprised that some governments think you are breaking the law with Homeopathy, as there is a lot of misinformation out in the world due to the clash between the allopathic and holistic medicinal systems. I connected with my authentic innate power and was no longer subject to the authority of others.

Other healers and therapists thought I was challenging some ancient mystical knowledge, because it is such a power system. I learned that the law of similars has been known for 3000 years. Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, discovered 100% safe and side effect free resonant remedy frequencies.

Some people thought it was magic, wishful thinking or the placebo effect. There IS a little bit of magic and lots of quantum physics, science and epigenetics involved. The results continue to blow me away every day.

It takes true detective work to reveal the energetic and dynamic nature of disease, the true cause and not to gett distracted and annoyed by uncomfortable symptoms, but rather to follow the signs to reveal these causes.

We are only as healthy as the previous generation when we are born. It’s like a hand of cards that you are dealt at a poker game. You might have a weak or strong hand, depending on what cards you receive. It’s up to you how well you can play with what you got, 50% from you father’s and 50% from your mother’s bloodline.

We all ... after a while come to realize that there are certain habits, programs, ways of being, traumas, relationships and circumstances that repeat in our lives and we seem to repeat our parent’s patterns.

Remember when you thought as a child...

I will never do that when I have children?

Only to hear yourself at times and realize... I sounded just like my mother or father...

We could blame these external factors for the way things are and how we feel about it and ourselves. Or we can take a closer look to find the underlying common factor and most of the time we can recognize that the common denominator is our self, it is us...

Everything is reflecting our own inner being to us.

Everything is a manifestation of our frequency.

Including disease.

That can be scary for some, but actually it’s empowering, because that means we can change it and take our power back. If we don’t take the chance to make the necessary changes through our power of choice, we place ourselves back into another cycle of recreating the circumstances and elements that we have not yet come into balance with.

The Mirror that external circumstances and relationships provide are the strongest usually in the family energetic field, when we see that whatever is unresolved in us, is reflected in our children.

We are then forced to finally take the spiritual responsibility, even if we tried our best to ignore, deny, hide, repress or suppress it.

We repeat what we don’t repair and if we don’t, it’s the obligation of the next generation. It’s like a relay race... the life lessons that we are here to learn will just keep coming up for our attention, as all blockages seek release and all past patterns and programs seek resolution. The lesson is passed on from generation to generation as this is the work we are literally born to do.

Through timeline treatment in Heilkunst and Homeopathy we can remove these inherited ancestral blockages and help break energetic chains from the past that bind us to create healing, space, movement and wholeness.

You know that you are sometimes haunted by these events of the past. You know that there is a memory of these events buried deep in each cell and nerve ending.

You feel it.

You don’t want to feel it, but it’s there.

And it will stay there, until someone in the family is willing to feel it and heal it.

When we want to address traumas from our own past, we make a chronological timeline that provides a detailed record of the shocks that have affected our life force since conception. This enables us to map out an appropriate sequence of Homeopathic remedies for treatment. It is important to remove these shocks from the energy system as they form blockages that disrupt the energy flow.

If you imagine that energy flows through the human body like water in a pipe ... you come to realize that every shock and trauma forms a dense energetic blockage that acts like an obstacle that wedged itself into this pipe and disrupts the flow of water. The flow slows down, it’s strained. Water has to flow, or it stagnates, goes off and becomes rotten.

Once our own acquired timeline of traumatic events has been cleared, we can also release the inherited ancestral programs and patterns.

Sometimes homeopathic remedies may be required for physical shocks like accidents, surgical procedures or traumatic births.

Sometimes for emotional shocks like broken hearts, betrayal, abandonment, grief, fears, shame, guilt, jealousy, suppressed anger or other deep emotional scars from the past.

Sometimes we have never been well since we had certain medical interventions like drugs or other chemicals and we still feel poisoned and toxic.

Powerful remedies are also able to release the inherited blockages in the family field, that wear us down and manifest as chronic diseases that “run” in the family. Homeopathy can protect you by ensuring that these inherited predispositions remain dormant and do not manifest as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, addictions, mental disorders, skin diseases, OCD and other debilitating chronic states of weakness.

Nature is absolutely amazing, and we can use the law of similars, like cures like.

We can travel back in time and remove these shocks and release these blockages.

We can activate and stimulate our natural ability to heal and come back into balance again.

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