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At Inner Connection, we strive to help everyone achieve optimum levels of emotional, mental, and physical health.


We do this through the above-mentioned modalities, as well as numerous other beneficial natural holistic health related therapies, products and services. These will range from nutrition, to exercise and developing the correct mindset to make the changes necessary to achieve optimum health and happiness. 

Inner Connection is dedicated to helping all our members achieve an improved state of overall well-being, recognizing that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach. Our focus is on the use of modern scientific strategies and techniques in combination with tried and tested holistic therapies​. We find the strategy or intervention​ that works best for you. 

In helping you find what best promotes positive growth and healing for you, we recognize the clients' needs and assist with re-education and support. We do this to ensure that you can continue to grow, heal and succeed through your own trials, and become independent within your own unique and individual life goals and challenges.

Ultimately, this new level of health will ensure that you become free from distraction, discomfort and disease, enabling you to grow stronger as both an individual and a family.


Muslim Mother and Son

I studied in South Africa at the University of Stellenbosch where I completed a BA degree in Psychology and an honors degree in Counselling Psychology (1991). 

In 2012 I graduated from the Hahnemann Institute for Heilkunst and Homeopathy ( DHHP)  as a Practitioner of Medical Heilkunst and Sequential Homeopathy in Ontario, Canada 

After studying psychology I found that I was still looking for a deeper understanding of life and the children I worked with. I left South Africa in 2000 and moved to the Middle East where I have been working and living ever since. In 2005 I started studying Heilkunst and personally experienced the benefits of the treatment for myself and my three children and was amazed at the level of health and wholeness we attained.

I have been practicing behavioral therapy for the past 30 years and specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders (AD/HD), Pervasive Developmental Disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS),  including all other childhood conditions.

As a homeopath, I have a holistic approach that does not focus on the diagnosis of conditions, but rather on the underlying cause. The inappropriate behavior patterns and mental/emotional symptoms are often triggered by the energetic relationships between children and parents/teachers, as well as other environmental factors.


Over the years I came to realize that behavior therapy on its own is limited, though it can alleviate these behavior symptoms, it does not address the underlying cause. I recognized that the inappropriate behavior, lack of language and social skills, anxiety, and anger were merely symptoms of the underlying disease or energetic disturbance and I needed to go deeper. In Heilkunst I found a safe, comprehensive, and holistic system of medicine that offers a permanent cure.

Studying and practicing Heilkunst is an important part of my life both at home and at work. It has given me real answers and hopes where before there were questions and uncertainty. The increasing number of children who suffer from health, behavioral, developmental, and communication disorders motivated me to look further.

Now I am excited and grateful for the use of this wonderful tool to deal with the energetic disturbances.

The day I met Mariette Carstens of Inner Connection Consulting, I knew that I would forever have at my disposal a holistic, caring and no-nonsense approach to living my best life. Mariette's one-to-one sessions took me by surprise: finally, a therapist was willing to hold me to account for my own creations and perceptions of "reality". Yes, she listened and empathised with my heartache/anxiety/neuroses, and I had certainly catalogued many of those for myself, but then the hard work began: planning, strategizing, empowering. If you want to change your life, accelerate your success and invest in your pathway to living a peaceful life, contact Mariette today! 

Olivia Roth


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Conscious Parenting and Play Programs
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