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Counselling & Support

The Art of Being Whole

Throughout the Process of cure and healing, we discover what a powerful effect the mind has on our overall well-being or suffering.

We do not only inherit certain predispositions for disease from our genetic lineage but also ways of thinking and being

Counselling ( this )

We are not always aware of how this programming affects us at every moment of our lives. This creates false beliefs about our self and the world that generate anxiety and stress, which are some of the main contributors to ill health. We are often unaware that we are motivated and powered by these insecurities based on our false beliefs. No one loves me, I am not enough, I am alone, I do not deserve love, money, success, respect, etc. 


These self- fulfilling beliefs can be unmasked and shown to be untrue, but they none the less can dominate our thoughts and end up shaping the nature of our world. We do not see the world as it is, but rather as we are. We filter our experiences through these false beliefs, shaping our perceptions, and creating our own personal reality. We automatically react to this distorted reality justifying our false beliefs and fears. 

At Inner Connection, we support you in the process of identifying these negative perceptions about yourself, your body, and the world you live in, empowering you to create the life you are meant to live. As you start to identify life lessons ( negative habits, addictions, and insecurities ) and apply the knowledge you will learn through this process, you will gain confidence and wisdom. 


The word " Heilkunst" can be broken down into, "Heil" meaning heal or being whole and "Kunst" meaning art. This makes Heilkunst the ART of BEING WHOLE.


Heilkunst addresses disease on the following three levels: Regimen(lifestyle), Homeopathy and Counseling.


Inner Connection requires that you undergo an



1. Initial consultation or intake process, 


2. Followed shortly thereafter by the main consultation. 


3. Follow-up consultations once a month (or as needed)


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Mariette Carstens is a skilled Behaviour Therapist. Her greatest assets lie in her connection with the adults with whom she works to find solutions for students who find their current contexts challenging. She takes a holistic view of children, with "behaviour" merely an indicator of how adults can meet students' needs. Mariette's ability to work in mainstream classrooms alongside teachers and leaders prompted British Schools in the Middle East (BSME) to include her as an Approved SEND Provider for our network of 144 schools in the region. Her professional, caring approach is of value to any school regardless of students' age or phase. 

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