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At Inner Connection we incorporate the Inergetix CoRe System as a tool to assist us in evaluating a client's energetic field and the possible manifestation of any energetic disturbances on a physical, mental or emotional plane. Using the Inergetix CoRe we can tap into the subconscious levels of the mind and help balance disturbances. 

The CoRe can be used to effectively scan and evaluate the entire energetic system, or the individual systems, organs and structures of the body. It compares these aspects to optimum functioning versions. Once the evaluation is complete the CoRe sends the correct frequencies (information) to the required organ or body part which reminds or ‘re-tunes’ it to function at a higher level. The treatment is completely safe and side effect free. The primary effect is on an energetic level, accessing the etheric, astral and mental bodies. The secondary effects include improvements in feelings, thoughts and physical health, on a more physical level. 


The CoRe uses various programs to investigate our underlying core beliefs, false beliefs and mental and emotional ways of being. It can help bring better "in-sight" to our emotional and thought patterns, habitual tendencies as well as addictions and aversions. Clients are always surprised at how accurate the readings are and how effective the treatment is. The CoRe offers a rare perspective into our energetic self that is not available to our senses and the conscious mind. 

If we use an analogy to understand this process, we could consider our body as the hardware of a computer, and our energy system as the Operating system that runs it. The energetic disturbances are then a bug in the system that prevents the body from operating to its full potential. The CoRe is a diagnostics and repair tool used to identify the bug and send information to the operating system to repair the program.

Much like when we receive an update for our Smartphone, which corrects any underlying problems. 

The CoRe, therefore, works purely on an informational level that positively affects the physical.  In much the same way Homeopathy also uses pure informational medicine to reprogram disturbances in the energetic system. Unlike traditional (allopathic) medicine that uses crude doses of chemicals to treat a disease, homeopathic medicine no longer contains any material substance. The actual chemical substance has been diluted so many times that only the energetic imprint of the substance remains. This interaction occurs directly, on an informational level, with the energetic disturbances/ diseases. 

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