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Mrs. M Liasides

Mariette is always available and helpful. She is very perceptive and from the first session she figures out how to help you. The homeopathic remedies she prepares are both very effective and potent. I have seen immediate results from numerous conditions such as common cold, strep, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue and the list goes on. I'm so grateful that we have such a great homeopath on the island.


Mrs O. Roth

Two years ago, I was suffering from chronic inflammation and my weight was creeping up. I visited Mariette at Inner Connection, hoping for a homeopathic solution. What I got has changed my life. I now live pain free and know how to control my weight. 
Mariette used her extensive knowledge of nutrition to guide me towards a paleo diet. The moment I eliminated gluten from my diet, the aches and pains disappeared. She also provided some homeopathic remedies to help my body to eliminate the inflammation and come back into balance. My energy improved, my skin cleared up and my digestive difficulties dissipated! I have never looked back!
Thank you Mariette! I love my new (pain-free) life!


Mrs. Lamya Kanoo

Here is a testament of how Homeopathy with an experienced and evolved therapist can alter very difficult circumstances for mothers and their new-born babies…

Very few mothers are aware of the beneficial properties of homeopathy for themselves and their new-born babies. I never truly understood the complexities and sophistication of vibrational medicine. 

My son was born pre-maturely at 34 weeks and suffered from excess water in his lungs. As he was born via a C-sec and not pulled out fast enough he took his first breath in water and was not breathing. He had to be resuscitated and was placed in an incubator.

Mariette (whom I have known for 11 years) suggested that I use homeopathy to remove the shock of the near drowning experience during birth as he seemed to be dissociative. After a set of powders my son started to show awareness for the first time. He started recognizing us, made eye contact and the dissociative behaviours started to disappear as the days went by. 

The vibrational medicine seemed to lift the trauma from his system and resolved some major lung and breathing issues, which I believed would have brought more complications had this shock not been removed immediately. 


Mrs. A Moschovitou

When they recommended Mariette for my son, I thought she would be like all the other therapists that we were seeing until then. On the contrary, Mariette deeply affected our family. His behaviour and speech issues improved rapidly. She is the most honest person I have ever met as she said that my son doesn't need her anymore and it would be our choice whether we decided to continue or not.
Mariette was there for us to follow up at school and even my personal concerns and insecurities. We still keep in touch and I know she will be there for us if we need her. I will always strongly recommend Mariette to parents because I know that they will also be as happy as we were!




Mrs. F Alhashimi

Never give up HOPE, because you will never know, it could still happen. For the parents who have a different child, believe in yourself, trust who you are working with, be proud of your child. 
I would like to share my story with you.
I think it's very important to hear from parents who have dealt with similar cases, you will always need to listen to them. 

I know Mrs Mariette since 2006, she became a part of our family, she is a sister, a second mother and friend of my son.

I knew that something is missing in our lives, my son was different, it's hard to say it for sure, it's breaking my heart every second, I passed through very hard times, until I met her.
As soon as we reached her home, I saw my son feeling safe and looking happy. That was enough for us to trust the person who is in front of us at that moment.

My son used to have behaviour issues, speech delay and he was hyperactive. We went with the flow seeing her every day, nonstop. Even during holidays, we continued to visit her.
We saw huge differences happening and he started progressing very well, but unfortunately most of the schools refused him, and he went to a special needs school.
I almost gave up, but God gave me HOPE. It only needed some patience.
Do not give up, it is always very hard in the beginning.
But honestly Mariette is always there for my son, providing her full support for him and showing us techniques to help us deal with him. She is also always there for us as parents, ready to listen to us whenever we were down and crying. Supporting us and understanding our pain.

After 5 years, I started with her Homeopathy. Which was so beneficial for my son. We did it because HOPE changes everything. Three years ago, my son joined a mainstream school, independent, and ......

Never say it is late, life always offers you a second chance, called tomorrow. I really thank and pray for the greatest women I have ever met.


Mrs. M.K. Gumber

Even though I come from a place where most people believe in alternative medicine, the only thing I knew about homeopathy is that it's an Indian system (not really) and second it doesn't have any side effects (that's true). My son who is now 7 was diagnosed by many 'specialists' as has having a language disorder, PDD, Asperger’s. While many other specialists indicated by all intense and purposes that he was 'normal'. He was about three then and I was a struggling and stressed out mother trying to find the answers to his inability to talk like regular kids. I saw a bright, loving kid, very playful and extremely observant, although little bit lost in his own world. He was responsive but he wasn't really there.

Till I met Mariette. I just knew I was in the right place when I saw this lovely lady, very professional but very generous and kind too. She introduced me to homeopathy, and I have never looked back. It has been about four years since and my son has shown amazing breakthroughs. He talks nonstop and is very confident. The best part is that over time I noticed my family as a whole was doing much better health wise. By the grace of God and thanks to homeopathy we hardly fall sick now. 

My children have not taken antibiotics since maybe 4 years and are just getting healthier. My son is very agile and robust. Everything about his personality is shining and though he is not 'there' yet I am certain with Mariette's treatment and passion to help kids, we surely will succeed. I am so thankful to her for introducing me to this amazing healing science 


Mrs. M Jane 
(long-distance client)​

I started using Homeopathy seriously in 2011 after receiving a Cervical cancer diagnosis. At the time of my diagnosis, I felt that the care I was receiving through conventional Western medicine, did not address the cause of my disease or give me the support in addressing contributing lifestyle factors such as nutrition and daily habits. Incorporating Homeopathy into my healing, helped me address suppressed emotions from previous traumas and helped me accept loss and grief. 

I endured several procedures which included keyhole surgery for lymph node removal and a Radical Trachelectomy. The Trachelectomy was performed in the Royal Marsden in London and I was admitted for a week for observation. I took the remedies Mariette had provided me in my home-kit​ and powder remedies​ to help prepare my body for invasive surgery. I was able to minimise my intake of painkillers and after two days, I didn't need any pain medication. It happened on several occasions during my hospital stay where the nurse mistook me for a visitor and would ask where the patient was. I would reply that it was me and they would be shocked. 

I fell pregnant with my son 6 months after the procedures to treat my cervical cancer. As a result of the Radical Trachelectomy, I am unable to give birth naturally and my son was born via C-sec. Again, I used Homeopathic remedies to prepare my body for surgery as well as childbirth. I used Remedies to help with my pain management as I have an allergic reaction to morphine. I had a speedy recovery from my C-sec. I was discharged the following day and resumed my daily activities within a couple of days. 
I have used Homeopathy exclusively to treat my son's childhood ailments and diseases including chickenpox, fevers, colds, vomiting and upset stomach. He was particularly affected with teething and I used homeopathy to treat all the symptoms of teething. I always travel with my home-kit as I am always able to treat any ailment my family may be afflicted with. I am forever grateful to Mariette for her support and bringing the gift of Homeopathy to me and my family. I don't live in fear of disease and with Mariette's help, I understand the manifestation of disease in the body and how to use Homeopathy, optimal nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to achieve wellness and balance in my life.

Ms Shakeel

Sherro, my daughter, had an allergic episode on Friday. It started when we ordered vanilla ice cream for her which she ate but showed little interest in. I also tasted it and it was not Baskin Robbins but Haagen Das, which I knew has vanilla dots. Back in the car she started saying, "sleepy, sleepy." Although she never sleeps in the daytime and eventually, she dropped her head. Within 5 mins she started throwing up without stopping. I gave her homeopathic histamine immediately and gave her a bath. Except for her face, her entire body was covered in blisters and bumps, her body colour changed to red. After the homeopathic remedy, her symptoms subsided within an hour.
Thank u sooo much for the homeopathic home kit!


Mrs. N Faraz

Our son has changed dramatically since we met Mariette 4 years ago. We were referred to her by our pediatrician when he turned 3 years of age and started displaying behavioral problems. We started behavior therapy with her and started seeing positive changes.
Our son then joined a new school and was still not talking. He faced many challenges in a very competitive environment and acted out behaviourally in class. We brought in Mariette to observe him and provide the teachers with effective techniques on how to handle him, teach him, and deal with his behavior issues. 
I remember sitting in Mariette's office crying in desperation not knowing what to do. We were having problems at school and at home. Academically our son was below average, and he was still not speaking properly. She recommended that we change his school. We noticed immediate changes once we followed her advice. He spent the next 3 years there and blossomed in a caring and understanding environment which allowed him to grow and mature. Mariette would do school visits any time the teachers approached me with concerns about his performance and she would quickly come to the school, observe him and follow up the same day with advice and suggestions as to what both I can do at home and techniques that the teacher could follow at school to enhance his performance and improve his participation in class. She kept both us and the school happy and was always a phone call away.
At the same time, we started Heilkunst treatment with Mariette for our son. She has been treating him for almost 3 years now. He is a completely different boy than he was 3 years ago. His condition was getting worse. I believe she saved him. Month by month we started seeing positive changes. His behavior, speech, socialization, understanding, and performance at school all improved. The teachers were all saying that he was very well behaved! Heilkunst, based on the law of similars, was curing our son! It is safe, gentle, natural, and has no side effects at all. Without it I don’t believe he would have improved. It is a slow process, but absolutely worth it. Everyone around us says what a big difference it has made. We owe it all to Mariette.
I refer to Mariette as my 'savior'. She has always been there for us and continues to be. She genuinely cares about the whole family and helps us in any way that she can. She goes above and beyond what she is meant to be doing and I trust every decision she has made. I follow her advice as everything she has told us the past 4 years has come true. She is an expert in child behavior and truly understands what makes children act the way they do and think the way they think. Her background in both behavior therapy and Heilkunst allows her to, not only manage the children’s behavior but to address the root cause of the problem by providing a permanent cure for them. I will always be grateful to her and no words can describe how much she has done for my family and I.

Mrs. M Brett

We were interested in homeopathy for quite some time before some friends referred us to Mariette Carstens who specializes in homeopathy, in particular sequential homeopathy. 

We began treatment several years ago and have been quite surprised and very happy with the results.  Emotional and physical issues are treated at the root so, unlike many modern drugs that target the underlying problems instead of just the symptoms.  This can also avoid the use of dangerous drugs which in themselves cause various other symptoms. Mariette is both very specialized and helpful during the course of treatment and is always available to give advice and answer questions.  I feel that our treatment with homeopathy has been successful and enlightening and that the results are permanent and life-changing.


Fahad, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi of Arabia

Dealing with Mariette Carstens has given me a different experience besides her great knowledge about nutrition, which I like. I have been dealing with her for the past 3 years wherein her approach for each client is always unique thus making each treatment very personal. Since I started homeopathy with her the result with my health is so fantastic and I will definitely continue consulting with her for many years to come.


Mrs. K Zidan

Our family has known Mariette in her professional capacity for four years. Her practice was highly recommended to us by school staff when our eldest son's behaviour in the classroom became too disruptive. 
Our very first meeting with Mariette for behavioural therapy was both a relief and an eye opener; we had found a professional who asked the right questions and immediately understood what our family was going through, and who explained to us in very clear terms how our child's brain works. Before meeting Mariette, we had exhausted online and literary resources and hadn't expected to learn anything new about our child, but we learned a lot. More importantly, Mariette gave us guidance in dealing with short- and long-term situations which we are still successfully resorting to four years later. 
Both our children are near completing their homeopathy timelines with Mariette. Frankly, we were sceptics at first, but the brilliant working relationship we had with Mariette helped us make the decision to give homeopathy a try and we're glad we did. Our eldest son who has more obvious behavioural issues responded very well to his initial treatments and we found that Mariette's expectations of his reaction to the different treatments was always spot on. Mariette is very professional and never inflates expectations and has always been straightforward about the difficulties we will face during treatment. She is also very attentive and will always suggest alternative courses as needed. 
We have seen some very wonderful improvements in our child's behaviour since we've started working with Mariette. Our entire family uses homeopathic medicines for all sorts of ailments, and it has changed the way we think about and deal with malaise. Working with Mariette has made a huge difference in our communication with our child's teachers and instructors and has allowed us to confidently advocate for our child, in place of a defensive position. 
Mariette is always available for a chat or a consultation and we have developed such a smooth rapport that we consider her not only a very professional therapist and practitioner, but also a dear family friend. We have recommended Mariette's practice to a number of families and would not hesitate to do so again. 


Mrs. A Y 

Mariette was a great support to help my son develop his speech as well as socializing skills to support better communication. Since working with Mariette, my son developed a great deal of confidence is his communication. 

Mariette was always available to support my son's development any time of the day. She always went the extra mile to show genuine interest and support to achieve the goals for my son. 


Mrs. J Shakeel

No words can express the support and love u have given our daughter and us. When we came to you for the first time, I was very hesitant and now after just a few months she has blossomed into a flower from a tightly closed bud! 

Your help with her speech, emotions and most importantly her allergies using homeopathy has been unbelievable. Just using a few treatments have already helped so much. We think homeopathy is the right way of cure instead of putting so many chemicals in the body. Thank u so much.

About Us

At Inner Connection, we strive to help everyone achieve optimum levels of emotional, mental, and physical health. We do this through the above-mentioned modalities, as well as numerous other beneficial natural holistic health-related therapies, products, and services. These will range from nutrition, to exercise and developing the correct mindset to make the changes necessary to achieve optimum health and happiness. 

Greg McDonald

Head Master at The Childrens Academy


Parents dealing with behavioral issues at home, whether for a child, teenager or young adult, understand just how frustrating it can be to find a behavior therapist that actually works with and alongside you. Mariette Carstens knows how to get people invested in her brand – by showing and implementing different techniques and strategies.

I have been working with Mariette since 2008 and her professionalism and dedication to her brand is nothing short of excellence.



Jacqui Starley

Deputy Head The Childrens Academy 

Why I love working with Mariette :

Masterful and mindful

Authentic, articulate and attentive 

Relevant, rational, resilient and reliable

Imaginative, inspirational, impartial, integrated and indestructible

Empowering, empathetic, empirical, evaluative, egalitarian and energetic

Team-minded, thorough and tactful

Tender and thoughtful



Janeann Mohseni

Principal ,The Budaiya Pre School


I have known Mariette Carstens for the last 15 years as we have had many children who have benefited from her support.  Her enthusiastic, positive ethos has enabled many families to overcome often complex, challenging circumstances.  Mariette’s strength lies in her holistic approach and consistent support for the individual needs of the child.   Her love and professionalism shine through everything she does.



Olivia Roth



I have known Mariette Carstens for the last 15 years in a professional capacity as a behavioural therapist and provider of various services through her company Inner Connection as we have shared interest in the education of children. I have recommended Mariette to our parents with children who often have complex and challenging circumstances.  Mariette’s Positive, dynamic and holistic approach ensure that the child makes significant progress and family unity is maintained.  Mariette’s strength lies in her commitment and professionalism to the specific needs of her clients resulting in many success stories from parents and educators.  


Jasmine Shakeel


Mariette Carstens is the most compassionate, intelligent, intuitive provider and healer who has helped us in such a way that our communication with our child totally changed! We all became more understanding and calm as a family. Her positive approach and respect for children and her strong desire to help them and their parents is truly remarkable. It has helped us grow as a family by being into a better physical, emotional, relational, intellectual and spiritual state. Her positive and holistic advice has been truly life changing for us !!!



Sophie O’Keeffe

Mariette at Inner connection has so much knowledge and wisdom to share. Mariette has a holistic approach to behaviour that has helped me in both my roles as a parent and in a classroom environment. 
Mariette has helped me set clear boundaries with my daughter whilst maintaining a gentle approach. 
Parenting can seem challenging at times and when I have been challenged Mariette has given me tools and techniques that are simple to implement but really work. 
Working with Inner Connection has made me more empowered going through the wonderful journey of motherhood. 
I would highly recommend the services to all Mothers and teachers. 

Thank you Inner Connection, the work you do is inspiring and life-changing. 


Marlene Cocking

Therapy TA – The Children’s Academy


I first met Mariette in 2005 when working with a child at the Nadeen School, who was on the autistic spectrum and displayed disruptive and confrontational behaviour patterns. 

Mariette is both a friend, working colleague and mentor. She is very slight of build, but commands respect as soon as she speaks.

Some of the techniques that Mariette uses with children are:

  • Always making sure the child and carer/parent/staff are safe

  • Being calm, making eye contact and getting down to the child’s level

  • Waiting for the child to respond

  • Using simple language and speaking quietly and slowly 

  • Giving visual or Makaton cues if required

  • Parents/carers/ will be advised on sensory tools to help redirect the child's behaviour

I have gained a wealth of knowledge from Mariette over the years and seen first-hand how her holistic behaviour model can benefit children and adults within the home and classroom environments.  Her philosophy is straightforward. 

Celebrate and reward good behaviour and fade the inappropriate behaviour out by using the extinction method.

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