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Below are a number of resources recommended by Mariette covering numerous topics. 

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Baby Sleeping

Mother and Baby kit: All remedies in 200C 

(A full kit and instructions of how to use will be provided as part of your treatment)

Take one tablet as needed, or crush and put into water and sip if the problem needs attention throughout the day
Stop when the symptoms improve or resolve
List: Remedies and their common uses for situations that often arise at home


Fevers, red caps inflammation

1) Aconite, sudden onset of fever, fear, shock, Sx after a drop temperature, fear will die
2) Belladonna, sudden onset, red cheeks or ears, all inflammation, heat lingers on fingers, confusion
3) Ferrum phosphoricum, fever that comes on slowly and not a lot of other symptoms


Cold and flu, green caps, discharges

4) Allium cepa, hay fever, allergies, symptoms like when you peel an onion, clear watery discharge


5) Pulsatilla for yellow and green mucus and whining, moaning, clinging, demanding and moody

6) Kali-bi, for very thick yellow, green stringy mucus, sinus infection, might be later stage of infection


Tummy, colic, purple caps

7) Arsenicum, stomach upset, diarrhea, food poisoning

8) Coloc, cramping colic

9) Carbo Veg, windy, passing wind or burping

General Rx – yellow caps

10) Chamomilla, irritability, teething, nothing pleases, angry babies when teething


11) Cocculus , sleep deprivation, jetlag (use with Arn)

12) Arnica, bruises, pain, jetlag, general healing, blow to the head or body

13) Nux-v, stress, vomit, over eat, hangover, chemical cleanser, constipation

14) Calendula, skin, scrapes, nappy rash

15) Apis Mel, rash, swelling, sore throat when it looks like there is water under the skin

16) Sulphur, skin issues, cradle cap, eczema, itching, rashes

Repertory according to ailment

Bruising, contusions, bruises, blue marks, pain, healing generally – Arnica

Nappy Rash scrapes, skin injuries – Calendula, broken skin, internally and externally Sulphur, itching, rash, red, scratching, cradle cap, eczema.

Emotional shocks – Aconite, Acon, victim, shock and fright, fear, anxiety and restlessness, panic attacks, suddenness, acuteness

Food poisonings – Arsenicum, Ars, Arsenic, poisoned by contaminated food or water 


Insect or animal bites or stings and puncture wounds: 


Apis mellifica, Apis, from bee, sting from insect, urchins, jellyfish, (e.g. anaphylactic reaction to an allergen or food sensitivity, throat and eyes swell and hot, burning stinging sore throats and unitary tract infection with stinging and burning when urinating.) area looks like it is filled with water


Over indulge, Nux vomica, Nux-v, Poison Nut, sick after party, hang-over, “wants to but can’t” - vomit, pass stool, or burp or pass wind, also good for a very stressful period where it feels like you are “running out of time”, always feels rushed, feeling sick from too much or rich food like at children's parties

Sleep deprivation


Cocculus indicus, Cocc, Indian Cockle, nursing a newborn, being sick, and looking after a sick person, shift work, jetlag, restorative, cure exhaustion, dullness, and numbness (also good for jetlag with Arnica)

Colds and flue

1) Aconite, Acon, first remedy to consider if your child has cold symptoms after playing outside and the temperature drops in the evening when the seasons change, “catching a cold”. Key symptoms – anxiety, fear (even of death), thirst, initial stages of acute inflammatory process like a cold, <after exposure to cold, dry wind, < after a shock/fright

2) Allium cepa, All-c, Red onion, like when you peel an onion, profuse watery and burning discharge from the nose that excoriate the nose and upper lip, sneeze, eyes runny, discharge worse in the morning, help with hay fever, sensitive to aroma of flowers. 

3) Arsenicum, Ars(personality type is critical and fault finding), fastidious or need for order(- organized, no tissues lying around, straight bed covers, books ordered)

4) Belladonna, Bell, early stages of the cold or flu, fever has a sudden onset, redness, swelling, heat lingers on fingers when we touch the person

5) Nux vomica, Nux-v, tickling and itching cough, “wants to but can’t”, Key symptoms – oversensitive to stimuli(noise, smell, light)

6) Pulsatilla, Puls, changeability of symptoms, then wet/dry cough, then day or night change, wants company, are needy and clingy, whiny, thirstless, green and yellow mucus

7) Kali – bi, thick and stringy green and yellow mucus and nasal discharge, sinus infection or later stage of the infection

8) Ferrum Phos – all inflammatory responses when the fever come on slower (often helps to resolve the inflammation towards the end of the case too).


1) Aconite, Acon, sudden onset, comes on after a chill or exposure to cold, seasons changing, cold dry winds, restlessness, fear, (even of death), after an emotional shock or fright

2) Belladonna, Bell, like Acon, sudden onset, flushed face with redness, dry but extreme heat of face, pupils dilated and glassy, restless and anxious or dull and incoherent

3) Ferrum phosphoricum, Fever comes on later, acute symptoms but not enough to be able to choose another remedy, good for all inflammatory symptoms.

Sore ears

1) Belladonna, Bell, initial and acute stages of the inflammation, causing the pain, piercing, sharp, sudden pinching and shooting pain, redness, dry, extreme heat of face, pupils dilated

2) Chamomilla, Cham, Key symptoms – dissatisfaction with everything, irritability, inconsolable, nothing pleases, crying and screaming

3) Pulsatilla, Puls- Key symptoms, weepy, whiny, needy, clingy, thirstless, 

4) Ferrum Phos, all inflammations that lead to pain due to the swelling

Sore throats (symptoms on the right side, Bell and Lyc, symptoms of the left side Lach)

1) Apis, edema, stinging, burning pricking pain, <heat, > cold, thirstless, hypersensitivity to pain, stinging pain(like bee sting), swelling, puffiness, swollen like water inside throat, uvula, tonsils, shiny,

2) Belladonna, Bell, key symptoms -sudden, high fever, redness, dilated pupils, desire to swallow but it causes pain, avoid drinking, cold extremities, tongue looks like a strawberry(like in Scarlet Fever, Bell is main remedy)

3) Ferrum Phos, all inflammations that lead to pain due to the swelling

Hay fever and allergies

1) Allium cepa, All-c, red onion, symptoms like working with onion, Hay fever, clear watery discharge, sneezing, allergies

2) Nux vomica, Nux-v, hypersensitive to stimuli of any kind, noise, smell, light, 

Teething – ABC classic teething 

1) Arnica – for the pain

2) Belladonna – if there is a fever as well as, or red inflammation and swelling

3) Chamomilla –Cham- irritability, inconsolable from the pain, < anger, does not know what he wants, hypersensitive to touch and heat, > being carried or rocked, >cold applications.

Upset tummy, digestive system – colic

1) Arsenicum, Ars, main remedy for food poisoning from contaminated water or food, 

2) Pulsatilla, Puls, Sx comes on after too rich, creamy or fatty food, acid bitter eructation,both

constipation and diarrhea, no two stools alike,changeable Sx, thirstless, weepy, and or needy

3) Nux vomica, Nux-v, follow an evening of overindulgence in food, alcohol, overwork, hangover, wants to vomit or pass stool but cannot, heartburn, urgent sensation to pass stool, but nothing comes, constipation, Key symptoms – want to and can’t , feels like some stool remains in the rectum, irritable and angry, chilly, <morning, <eating.

4) Chamomilla calms upset and angry, fussy, irritable baby ( with or without colic)

5) Coloc, tummy upset, cramps, colic, digestive problems


Home kits can be tailor-made to fit your exact needs. Travel kits, allergy kits, migraine kits etc...are also available.

Please contact us if you would be interested in a home kit or a mini-workshop in how to get started using Homeopathy at Home.

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