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Heilkunst & Homeopathy


Healing and Detoxing - Lifestyle (Regimen)

Achieving Health Through Heilkunst (The Art of Being Whole)


There are three areas of health that are addressed when you are treated using Heilkunst. 
Lifestyle (Regimen) - Homeopathy - Counselling & Support

Lifestyle (this)
Regimen is the realm of lifestyle.

We can use the compass of health to come back into balance 


North being Nutrition, East is Exercise, South is Sleep and West is water. 

Why do we need principles to tell us what to eat or drink, how much to sleep or how to exercise etc.?

Regimen is our diet for the body, mind, and soul – Our way of life. This form of treatment works on the law of opposites where we strive to balance our physical energy and Life Force. We maintain or create this balance by adding something to our regimen when there is a lack, or by removing something that is in excess. Regimen, therefore, works on the physical body and supports the innate natural healing power of the body. It does not cure but keeps us in good health. Regimen provides the nourishment for the body and the soul and even though we often only think of ourselves as physical we must also address the needs of the energetic body. 

Traditional cultures maintained a connection between nature and man that ensured a balance, but as time passed this connection was lost.  This separation from our natural way of being was accentuated by the industrial revolution that forced a large portion of the population from rural areas into towns and cities to find work. This new way of living led to large scale poverty and starvation as people were forced to rely on the industrial complex to earn money to pay for their basic needs.  


As the masses learned new skills and found their place in the system, they began to thrive.  With the memory of this devastating time of scarcity still fresh in their minds, the masses were quickly seduced by clever marketing schemes that linked material wealth to a positive self-image.  This egocentric mindset effectively triggered the destructive cycle we are caught up in today that focuses on satisfying our ego’s needs rather than on what is good for the planet and humankind. We no longer rely on our instinct and our ability to survive in balance with nature but are motivated by our false beliefs and fears that we do not have enough.

Life is based on natural principles that encourage a balance in all things and our way of life (Regimen) must therefore be grounded in those principles. Principles grounded in nature determine the health of our relationship with the physical world around us, which includes our relationships with everything we interact with (food, each other etc). There is no set regimen that works for everyone, we each have to develop our own inner awareness that empowers us to make choices about our lifestyle that are beneficial to our wellbeing.  


Hahnemann (founder of Homeopathy) stated that we have to first and foremost, correct our lifestyle choices before we start with homeopathy (therapeutic medicine).  Many of these symptoms stem from an imbalance in our lifestyle which can be rectified by adjusting regimen and going back to balance following the compass of health. 

We are unique individuals and there is no one size fits all when it comes to the regimen. It is therefore important to tailor it to your unique energetic and physical needs.  The correct regimen may be dependent on factors such as constitutions, blood types, or cultures. The natural principles empower you to become self-reliant and eventually your own physician so that you can follow healthy, intuitive, natural choices to maintain or sustain optimum health.

Moderation is the key to balance. Our energy systems and nervous systems are being over-stimulated with too many unbalanced choices. We find ourselves addicted to processed foods, sugars, and soft drinks in our quest to satisfy our need for high energy, pleasurable experiences. These unbalanced choices lead to acidic states, stress, and ultimately, disease. 

When we find that balance, the law of resonance is at work in our lives; it involves making conscious choices that are good for us instead of giving in to our addictive needs.  

Hahnemann said that the physician should take care not to intervene too hastily when it comes to regimen, we, therefore, assist you in making gradual changes and adjustments.

Initial Intake Consultation


First, we must ensure that you are creating the best environment in which to maintain your health by addressing any obvious imbalances in your system.


We can eliminate various symptoms that are due solely to those imbalances. If you are not getting enough of the right food and exercise, enough fresh air, and clean water, your body will manifest complaints. In the first part of your consultation, you will be asked about your dietary and exercise habits, your level of water and supplement intake, and any other aspects of regimen that may be useful, including other therapies that you may be following (e.g. yoga, acupuncture, massage, and meditation, etc).

You will also be asked for information about any allopathic (conventional) medication or herbs you are taking so we can determine what the potential interactions or nutrient depletion may be. A timeline of the traumas in your life will be required for your treatment. (The process and reason for preparing this will be discussed.) You will be expected to bring this to the initial consultation. 

Six years ago, I was in constant pain and considered pursuing a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. Painful joints, aching bones and muscles, waking up with a frozen back every morning, burning feet and tender heels were just a handful of the symptoms I took to Mariette from Inner Connection Consulting in a desperate attempt to avoid an allopathic approach to healing. Mariette suggested a rigorous exclusion diet using a whole foods approach to bolster my health and a homeopathic remedy reduce my systemic inflammation. Within 6 weeks, most of my symptoms had disappeared, within 3 months I had lost a substantial amount of weight and gained energy and vitality, and today I am still living pain-free.  



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