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Homeopathy Medicine


Homeopathy ( this )
Disease is not simply an imbalance, but a deeper impairment of our life force.
To correct this impairment, a remedy is needed that can remove it (called cure)


We focus on the treatment of various shocks and traumas (physical and emotional) acquired in our lifetime, as well as the potential for various inherited diseases (chronic miasms), that we carry into this world with us - passed down from our parents at conception.


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of natural, informational or energetic medicine that was developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann more than 200 years ago. Homeopaths view the body as a holistic energetic system and understand that every disease has an underlying energetic cause. Homeopaths are trained to treat the root cause of the disease.  

One of the differences between Homeopathy and mainstream medicine is that with Homeopathy chemical medicines are NOT used at all. Chemicals have side effects which may lead to further complications. What Dr Hahnemann discovered was that when you dilute a chemical substance repeatedly until no trace of the chemical substance remains, it still holds the energetic signature of the chemical which is even more potent than a crude dose of the original substance (potentization). Treating a disease with an energetic remedy is therefore 100% safe with no side effects. This is the greatest benefit of homeopathy.

Modern medicine generally focuses on alleviating the symptoms, rather than addressing the cause. The chemical intervention that follows is often "managing" the symptoms and more importantly, often suppressing the real disease that leads to a worsening of the problem. By suppressing the symptoms, as modern medicine often does, you drive the cause/energetic disturbance deeper into the body. You end up having to deal with the side effects of the chemicals as well as the disease taking on a more sinister form. 

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In Homeopathy we use the Law of Similars to cure disease, recognizing that the symptoms are only the signs that there is an imbalance or a disease. The Law of Similars is a Natural law of Cure.

One can only understand disease and cure by grasping the concept of the disease as an energetic disturbance that dynamically impacts on one’s Life Force. Disease is an energetic phenomenon that manifests on a physical level and therefore one requires a holistic approach to cure. This approach is to be found in Homeopathy that addresses the energetic disturbance using the Law of Similars. 

Homeopaths identify the remedy using The Law of Similars to match the cause of the disease. The remedy used replaces/removes/destroys the disease. Hahnemann observed the Law of Similars in effect when he tested Quinine (occurs naturally in the bark of the cinchona tree) on himself. He felt very sick and nauseous and recognized these symptoms to be similar to the symptoms of Malaria. He then chose to use Quinine as a remedy based on how similar the effects were on him (when taken in a healthy state) to the symptoms of Malaria when someone is sick. Hence the saying, “LIKE CURES LIKE". The Law of Similars is an ancient principle which has been misunderstood by modern medicine that often uses crude chemical doses that can negatively impact the health of someone that is already sick and vulnerable.  

Hahnemann discovered that he could render the remedy harmless and side effect free through the dilution process. He then used the remedy to effectively treat a disease with similar symptoms in the sick person.

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Main Consultation

During the main consultation, you will be asked to describe the nature of your complaints and health concerns.


Your practitioner, or Heilkünstler, will then look at and discuss your timeline (the history of the traumas in your life). We will also discuss the role of various inherited predispositions relevant to your case. Following this analysis, you will be given an initial set of remedies to start the process of sequentially removing the various shocks and traumas that have contributed to your current ill-health (or dis-ease) or that are impeding your attainment of improved health. Each trauma has a particular remedy.

The timeline provides a detailed record of traumas that have affected your life force since conception. This enables the practitioner to map out an appropriate sequence of remedies for treatment. Sometimes a remedy may be required for acute incidents or flare-ups of inherited diseases and sometimes for accidents or surgical procedures are undertaken during the course of your treatment.


While your timeline refers to the treating of traumatic events in your physical past, it is important to identify your constitutional remedy(ies). Your constitution is determined by your mental and emotional response to your environment (stress).  An unhealthy constitution would include, addictions, worry, overreaction, etc; while a healthy constitution would include an appropriate emotional and mental response to life events. This relates to your innate nature, and its corresponding remedy can help strengthen your life force during the process of treatment. Treatment also addresses anything else that might come up for you in your daily life. You may have a setback emotionally, stress at work, colds, and flu, detox symptoms, or any other symptomatic expression. 

We also employ other natural holistic practices and therapies based on the individual case.  As your treatment progress and symptoms become more manageable your dependence on chemical medication is reduced. Without the additional side effects of the chemicals, your body is able to heal much faster. A home kit of remedies is provided to help you independently treat any issues that may arise for you and your family. It also allows you to treat any reactions you may have to the timeline remedies as your body attempts to clear itself of blockages. During the healing process, you may experience elimination symptoms, a sure sign that your body is eliminating toxins. 

We live in a toxic world that taxes our physical and energetic system, which is compounded by any disease we may have as they also generate toxins. Detoxification is therefore an important element of treatment where we eliminate toxins from the body to support the flow of energy and the healing process.  

During the consultations, you will be given advice about your regimen (lifestyle) and the ways in which you can do more to assist the healing powers of your body while we are treating the traumas on the timeline. You will be supported throughout this process mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Follow-Up Consultations


The purpose for follow up consultations is to assess your progress regularly (every 10 to 12 weeks), the effects of the removal of disease/s and the healing. You will be asked to describe any changes experienced since your last visit. We will use these changes to assess the effectiveness of the remedies and the need for new or additional remedies and support, or new potencies (strength of remedy). You will be encouraged to raise and discuss any unusual occurrences in your condition and your life, even if they appear to be minor or unrelated.

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Acupuncture Treatment

The goal of our treatment is to achieve health, which is freedom from all perceived limitations, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


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