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Relationship Partnerships and Sacred Connection

When we Pair Consciousness with Relationship, we Create Divine Union.

We lived through matriarchal societal structures and women ruled.

We lived through patriarchal societal structures and men dominated.

Now it is time for A CHANGE –

Divine Union –

the masculine and feminine UNITE

within us

balancing between us

and together we rise and give birth to a New World

Like the SUN and MOON orbit each other

Seemingly two opposing forces work together as ONE

When the moon and sun align, they can eclipse each other to create a force so powerful that humans across the world are compelled to look up

In no way is the light of either dimmed by the Union, even as a shadow covers the earth

We can hardly look at the eclipse and are blinded by the brilliance of the union

Male and female energies provide us with contrast, duality and polarity

To bring unbridled opportunities for growth and inner work

The eclipse of the Sun and the Moon is the overlap in the combined energy fields of the male and the fe-male.

The energetic fields overlap to create sacred space that reflects and mirrors self

We need to hold space for each other and allow for the ebb and flow

two seemingly opposing forces at work - to hold and let go

You cannot choose each other once – to go steady, move in, marry or make babies

You have to wake up every morning, go to sleep every night

Choosing Consciously

The sun rises and the moon sets and the sun sets and the moon rises

Love as if you are a house with all of the windows and doors open

Love in such a way that the other feels free

Focus on the learning, trust the process and allow freedom of self-expression

Most of the time we are holding ourselves back from being completely honest

We fear that we might hurt or loose the other

Losing yourself is not helping

Stagnation leads us away from the lessons and learning,

freedom and fierce friendship,

and the truth and trust

we all so deeply desire.

Relationship is the guru of growth.

When we pair consciousness with partnership,

we revolutionize relationships

It is the ultimate mirror that shows us the truth.

It reflects back who we are

in effect of others and in our reaction to others

Relationships are with self, people, places, things, money, food, drugs, sex, disease, nature, animals, Consciousness, Cosmos and God.

Our relationships show up in our thinking, feeling, action and re-action.

If you don’t know what, where, when, why or who you are

Your relationships will tell you

Practicing self-awareness, spiritual responsibility and conscious choices

you can change yourself

and with that your relationships,

to reflect your new, higher level of consciousness.

You transform the lower energetic disturbances in yourself and emit a higher frequency that will attract relationships on a much higher level to again show you where you are at.

If there happens to be conflict or blockage in the relationship,

remember that it is a reflection of self.

Once you are connected to self and feel your path and your truth,

you can manifest a healthier, more whole reflection OF SELF,

through the spiritual growth vehicle of relationship.

I love the following quote ...

“If we enter a relationship with a weak or absent physical connection, what might that look like?

No chemistry, passion or excitement, or playful flirting and fun, or meaningful close feelings of intimacy, or deep levels of affection.

If we enter a relationship with a weak or absent emotional connection, what might that look like? No shared vulnerability, or healing of emotional wounds, understanding of your emotional states, or compassion or empathy for your experience, or real nurturing or heartfelt affection.

If we enter a relationship with a weak or absent intellectual connection, what might that look like?

No one to share your big picture interests, or one to talk with for long hours into the night, or one to share your favourite movies, music, theatre and books, or one to continually pique your interest and curiosity, or one to learn new things from.

If we enter a relationship with a weak or absent spiritual connection, what might that look like?

No shared values or vision, or a witness to your experiences, or one to support you as you navigate the inner realms, one to see and recognize your Higher Self, or a spiritual companion. “By Victoria Fann.

What and how do we see?

We do NOT see what is.

We do not see the WORLD or Relationship as it is

We see it as we are

We see it according to what we think

But we are not our minds

And we change our minds all the time

We see it according to what we feel

But emotional reasoning gets us into critical thinking errors

It feels bad…so it must be bad

We see it according to what we expect

But expectation is the breeding ground of disappointment

He or she should make me happy, but I am unhappy

Relationship is about converting every stumbling block into a stepping-stone

Trusting that every dense contraction will be followed by an expansion

Doing the work on the blockage –

chipping, hammering, chiselling, digging, drilling and excavating.

Deep inherited pain patterns and programs from the past

trigger the pain body ….

our partner is looking all too guilty in our mind as the one who did THIS to US.

We make them own up, promise, swear, commit, communicate, sign on the dotted line…

All the agreements - For ever this and never ever that!

But we have not seen the truth yet

The truth is that they are not there to make us happy

They crack us open

They expose every flaw

They leave us vulnerable

They apply a kind of stress that is constant, consistent, de-constructing us.

We are on this journey.


It’s our journey.

You cannot back out now, in the middle…

First understand your journey and your creation.

You won’t find your way out if you get lost in the little details of the story.

You have to focus on the learning and lesson,

not the trigger and person

Do not turn your heart into a fortress with sophisticated armoured stone walls,

Because your defence mechanisms take all your energy as you try to protect yourself

Do the alchemy individually, see the effect on the union and affect it has on the collective

You are a mystical magical meaning making machine of self-mastery

Elevate your relationship to its true purpose as you learn and evolve

you will deactivate the pain body and take your power back

you will take radical relationship responsibility - and make yourself happy

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