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The Compass of Health

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Back to Body Basics and Balance

We have to follow Natural Principles and Practices to Balance the Etheric Energy Body. This is the first layer of the energetic body and closest to the physical body. It is the energetic hologram that holds the blueprint of the body.

An architect designs and plans every aspect of a building masterpiece on her blueprint. When she walks through a structure that needs a change, she does not tear the walls down, she goes back to the drawing board. She changes the plan and adjusts the blueprint ... the changes to the physical structure follows that.

We can balance the energy of the body on a Physical Compass.

Following a natural path with our choices in all four the directions.

Back to Body Basics.

Back to Mother Nature.

Back to Balance.


Our EAST is Exercise.

Our SOUTH is Sleep.

Our WEST is Water.

Without natural nutrient dense whole foods, movement and activity, enough sleep and chemical free structured water we cannot achieve optimum balance, health and energy for the conscious spiritual work and healing we have to do for ourselves, families and children.

Selfcare IS selflove and we need to take radical responsibility.

Once we are sick our healthy instincts become corrupted. Making good choices actually becomes very difficult. We are on a low vibration, so we are naturally attracted to low vibration junk frequencies. Cravings from old addictive patterns call our name and we feel more and more out of control and frantically look for an energetic quick fix.

Remember there is no one size fits all!

7 Billion people

7 Billion protocols

Due to Bio-Individuality

Connect deeply and follow a natural path




We call on the elements to support us during this great time of Transition and Transformation. We turn to Mother Nature to Follow her Principles as we connect to the Compass of health.

North is our Nutrition as we call on Fire to transform us through our bellies giving us the energy to take on projects, people, pain, past patterns and programs.

East is our Exercise as we call on Air to move us as we breathe, and fill our lungs, staying active and activated.

South is Sleep as we call on Earth to heal us as we ground our bodies into the core, knowing that we are part of this living organism, Pachamama, Gaia.

West is Water as we call on this element to hold and shapes us, being fully hydrated, detoxing the organs and reminding us to go with the flow.

Nature is our infinite refillable side effect free prescription.

Think of the body as a beautiful orchestra. The organs are the instruments and your consciousness the conductor. You emit a beautiful frequency and unique sound. When you are anxious, tired or sick, some sounds are out of tune. The food we eat, the stress around us, the thoughts we think, the beliefs we hold on to, the chaos, fear, lack of control and defence mechanisms that slow us down, can all mess with our music.

Ultimately the immune system is the gate keeper. When an instrument or organ plays out of tune it’s time to Detox the body and mind to raise your frequency, consciousness and self-awareness, release blockages, eradicate defence mechanisms due to fear, develop and support the immune system.

Love your Liver!

Most importantly, it comes back to our belief systems. Change your belief that the DNA controls the outcome... it’s just the messenger...

We are powerful, far more powerful than we have been led to believe and healing is possible through positive preventative and proactive steps.

Homeopathy can help reduce your stress, raise your frequency, strengthen your organs for detox, release, cure and heal old blockages, free energy for healing and help you achieve the goal of honouring the DNA warning messages, but not become trapped by it.

Your instrumental noble organs can be upgraded through a process of radical transformation as your body remodels, rebuilds, repairs, rebalances and re-tunes itself to become stronger and more resilient.

It’s hard work, but so is re-modelling an old kitchen or fix-me-upper-house you might buy.

It’s worth it, you are changing, it’s a spiritual, physical and mental emotional upgrade.

We are not the code... we are the writers of our code. Dr Bruce Lipton has changed our limiting belief system regarding the control of DNA with the science of epigenetics. If you have a certain gene, you only inherit a potential or predisposition to develop diseases that run in the family. It’s like a coded message in a sealed envelope and it can stay sealed for the rest of your life. It’s our state of mind, stress, attitude, life-style choices and other traumas that wear our defences down.

When patterns are broken new worlds emerge. People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.

Follow the 21/90 rule.

If it takes 21 days to form a new habit,

it takes 90 days to create a new lifestyle.

In 3 weeks, you can rewrite your brain chemistry to create a pause to choose a new thought and action instead of being reactive and impulsive.

Over 3 months you can rewire your neuropathways to make the new habit an automatic response that no longer requires so much thinking or effort... your new pattern and world will emerge.

Like when you learned to drive. Initially a lot of thought had to go into it and now you do it automatically and have freedom.

Put time aside for Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional Maintenance. We don’t wait for our cars and computers to break down before we do a tune up or update to the latest version! We take care of the engine and follow a carefully laid out maintenance and service plan. We also update and reboot our smart devices. We absolutely need to do the same re-tune for the organs as part of conscious plan for





update &


As Consciousness begins waking up, limiting beliefs dissolve, self-defeating choices no longer resonate, and narrow viewpoints are exchanged for more expansive perspectives.

Upgrade to the latest spiritual software program, the best version of yourself.

Then we show up and arrive fully energized, connected to self, ready to face the day and use our energy consciously.

You always know if something is worth doing by the amount of life force it requires.

Your most powerful resources are your light, love and time.

We can now remain connected to our child no matter the circumstances because

Connection beats Circumstances every time.

To use some of the behaviour management strategies we actually do No-thing ...

we practice the pause,

we wait and see,

we observe not absorb,

we are intentional not impulsive,

we hold a safe space for both or child and our inner child.

We are the love we never received.

We deprogram and reprogram.

The real work happens behind the scenes and when you interact with the world without,

you see from the feedback where you are within.

Unplug from your current system ...

Oh! at first that system worked so well

But then it takes more energy to maintain it than it gives us

We do not have a great ROI - return on investment

We run at a loss

We pay interest we don’t have

Back to the Compass of Health

North Nutrition

East Exercise

South Sleep

West Water

You are living according to natural principles and have direction.

Every time you make an aligned choice, its time invested in the energy bank with a +1 choice.

Every unaligned choice is a loan withdrawal with a high interest rate with a -1 choice.

Get this and you will always be fully energized and ready to deal with absolutely anything and everything that comes your way.

Best of all … you attract less lower frequency people and experiences, because you live in a different perceptive reality.

Although this sounds so good… for you

It’s even better for your child...

Our parents imprinted a radically different pattern and program on us.

Due to their inherited patterns they experience loss of self and love as sacrifice ...

we often feel indebted to them ...

we got the message ... they gave up so much to love us and protect us.

We however have updated that program.

Our love does not have to come with sacrifice and loss of self.

Our love comes from reclaiming and recovery of the self.

A strong self.

Let our children inherited this imprint ... authentic self-expression with energetic independence and radical responsibility.

If you want to upgrade to the latest version of human hardware and software, please follow the link (link here) to the Conscious Parenting and Play Programmes, the Online course: From Havoc to Harmony at Home.

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