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peace and harmony at home


Inner Connections's Life Changing Online Course

Course Layout

Breakdown of the course

20 Trainings, Covering 4 Modules and Topics for Conscious Parenting

Parents can finish the course at their own pace - it is an Evolutionary Parenting Process and Programme that will affect deep change and help them overcome their current challenges.

I am always here to offer additional support and private sessions should they require it.

Humanity is going through a transition and transformation and I want to be of service to you. 
At first, I thought that I would share my Holistic Behaviour Management Model and 30 years of experience with you. I knew that this would be a powerful way to support you while we are in quarantines, lockdowns, social isolation and doing virtual schooling, on-line learning, including staying at home with our children for such an extended period of time.
I however soon realized that it is about much more than behaviour management at home and sharing my skills to empower you to do the work that I would usually help and support your with. 
This is about Conscious Parenting and Conscious Parenting is a profoundly powerful personal development project. From HAVOC to Harmony at Home was born.
When we turn within and step into our full potential as conscious parents we choose to evolve, instead of staying stuck, repeating the patterns and programs of a painful past. The Universe has sent us all on a global timeout to think about our choices and the consequences and more than ever we know…
We NEED an army of loving conscious parents to raise confident and conscious children to leave a legacy of a World of Freedom, without Fear. 
We see the fence, but we sense the freedom. As systems all around us fail and fall this year we realise that, like all these systems, our parenting is also in need of a serious update and upgrade. 
It is ALL ABOUT FAMILY, we are truly connected and in the deepest sense we are all ONE. Within the family tree, that includes our ancestors and the future generations to come, we are eternally intertwined and always learning in effect of one another. 
Relationship is the Guru of Growth. 
Conscious Connection is key to unlocking the FULL Potential and Purpose of Everything and Everyone we Relate to. 
By Pairing Consciousness with Parenting, we Revolutionize our Relationships.

Please read the full conscious parenting article here

Package 1 ( DIY )

Lifetime Access To The Course And Updates.

Package 2 ( Hand Held Support )

As with Package one - Lifetime access to the Course and Updates. This course will help parents heal on deep levels within themself, with their child, partner and within the whole family dynamic.


Parents will be entitled to 4 individual calls (1 hour each) during the course and another three follow up calls after they complete the course.

Valid for a year from the time that they purchase the course.


As with Package one - Lifetime access to the Course and Updates.


This course will help parents heal on deep levels within them self, with their child, partner and within the whole family dynamic.


Parents will be entitled to 4 individual calls (1 hour each) during the course and another three follow up calls after they complete the course.


Valid for a year from the time that they purchase the course.

Each package comes with the same Course Information. The level of support is different.

The course is designed for parents to upskill and reconnect with themselves and their children.

The first two Modules contain the Teaching sessions and Information - the what to do and why to do it.

And the second two Modules contain the practical Tools for Transformation - the how.


It is completely DIY with support available as needed. It can also be used to train staff like nannies and au pairs.

It is designed to get fathers and mothers on the same page with their goals and strategies.

It is designed to create consistency between home and school too.

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Breakdown of the Modules

Module 1 : The Parent/Self 

Module 2 : The Child 

Module 3 : Getting the Yes

Module 4 : What to do about a No

Module 1: Mirror, mirror, on the Wall, who is responsible for it all?

Conscious Parenting training, understanding the true Purpose of Relationship and the deep bonds we share over generations within the Family Field.

Training 1 Our children Mirror us

We live in a perceptive reality and do not see the world as it is, but as we are. What is often triggering us, is a mirror reflection of unresolved and unexplored aspects of our own being. 

Training 2 Our Inner Child

We all suffer from some form of childhood hurt, trauma, betrayal, abandonment, or wound. When we heal our own inner child, it has a powerful positive effect on our child. 

Training 3 Our Patterns and Programmes

We are all in effect of the outdated parenting patterns and cultural programs that we received as a child. Like most systems, education, financial, or health, parenting too, is in need of a serious update and upgrade. 


Training 4 Our Reprogramming

We reprogram and readjust as well as recharge, to arrive with optimum energy levels through conscious self-care and self-love, to deal with our child from an empowered and positive place within ourselves. 

Training 5 Our Loss of Self and Recovery the Self

You are a person, so take things personally. We lose so much of ourselves when are critical, hard, judgemental and impatient with our selves.

During Module 1 we turn within, and we become our own Conscious Parenting Guide. 

Module 3: Getting a Yes

Set up for success - Practical tools to be Pro-active and increase Cooperation AND Connection

Training 1 How to use the Holistic Conscious

Parenting Model

In this training we look at how we are not just physical beings, but that we are energetic systems too. In the relationship, we exchange energy when we interact, and parents will learn how to use this exchange to create flow and not trigger resistance. 

Training 2 How to move away from Control and Compliance to Cooperation and Collaboration.

The old parenting paradigm was all about manipulation of energy, to get compliance, to feel in control, so we can feel safe. The new parenting paradigm is about getting cooperation and collaboration in a co-creative act with our child. 

Training 3 How to Instruct in a way that you will

get a YES

This practical training session helps you get that “YES”, the cooperation that you want and creates the flow. We look at how we instruct children, the mistakes we often make habitually and how we can use language cues consciously to bring our child in without triggering resistance. 

Training 4 How to Increase Listening Skills and Following of Instructions

Most children are not auditory learners. They are visual learners and need to involve more of their senses to be able to learn. They often NEED movement and we have to teach them listening skills and how to follow directions consciously. 

Training 5 How to create and use Visual and other support to improve Communication to get a YES!

Get your laminator, printer and Velcro ready as I will share all my visual aids with you to support your instructions, improve listening and get that YES, to stay in the flow. 

At the end of Module 3 you will have learned how to get into the starting blocks, how to get out and how to run the race. We focus on our self, meet our child where they are at and get cooperation. 

Module 2: Meeting my child where they are at on all levels

Conscious Parenting Awareness and skills regarding understanding the childhood journey

Training 1 Childhood development from an energetic and spiritual perspective - Steiner’s work

Steiner said that we grow in seven-year cycles. We learn what we can expect from a child at every age or developmental level and how this differs when we are dealing with delays and childhood conditions. 

Training 2 Blockages and Belief systems - the stumbling blocks we turn into stepping-stones

We have many outdated and false belief systems that we hold on to within different cultures. These lead to limitations in the form of role-plays and stories we tell ourselves and it stands in the way of meeting our child where they are at. 

Training 3 Parent and child arrive at the same time in the same place to have fun

This is an amazing training packed with practical and functional fun activities that you can use to set up for success with a conscious invitation to meet the child where they are at, to have fun and connect, before we start our “work” with them. 

Training 4 True causes of behaviour – Behaviour is a symptom, never the problem

We think that the behaviour we see is the problem, but it is NOT. There is a problem and a cause for the behaviour. The behaviour is a symptomatic expression and manifestation of energetic blockages that need to be addressed directly. 

Training 5 Attention VS Connection 

Here we explore the distinction between what looks like an unsatisfiable need for more and more attention, when in fact our child wants true connection. 

At the end of Module 2 parents will know exactly where their child is at, how to meet them there, how to invite them in, and they will have a deep understanding their child’s ENERGETIC NEEDS. 

Module 4: What to do when you get a NO!

Dealing with Blockages - Practical tools to overcome Resistance and Increase Flow and Ease

Training 1 How to get past defence mechanisms, inherited survival programmes and energetic blockages and how the mind deals with information.

We learn to deal with the blockages that remain in our way and how it triggers our defence mechanisms as well as how the mind processes the information. We cannot solve a problem of the mind with the mind. We need to go deeper. 

Training 2 How to use Energy Exchange in our Relationship as a vehicle for development

We learn how to use the energetic exchange between our system and that of our child to deal with the behaviour symptoms without becoming part of the problem ourselves with our reaction to it. 

Training 3 How to use Extinction Strategies to fade out resistance patterns and get cooperation

We learn to use this basic behaviour management technique, but we place it on a strong foundation of energetic principles and we no longer become upset when our child is upset. We learn to hold space and fade unwanted patterns out while we deal with our child’s true needs and insecurities in that moment. 

Training 4 How to deal with Tantrums, stubbornness, hair pulling, biting, hitting etc.

We use Extinction and ALL the other strategies and blend them together as we look at the application of the techniques in specific situations. 


Training 5 How to use Visual Aids to improve choices and teach consequences through a gentle conscious parenting process. 

And in our final training I again share a wealth of resources to help you save you voice and your energy instead of wasting it on becoming part of the problem and burn out. 

At the end of Module 4 you will know what it means when your child tells you “no, but I don’t want to, go away, I don’t like you!” Or they run away, flop, refuse to cooperate or resist us. You will know what it means, and you will know exactly what to do. 

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Motherhood is not an easy journey and it is especially hard when we step into it with little or no support of your family. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a mother, sister, or another close relative to teach you how to deal with yourself after the experience of pregnancy and labor and with the little human just brought into this world and ready to discover it through you. Here is where Mariette stepped in. I was lucky enough to be introduced to her in the first couple of months of this new journey and ever since I could rely on her support. 2 years later, my baby is growing up and becoming a beautiful, smart and healthy toddler. While I still struggle, it helps knowing that I can always find her good advice and a professional solution. I am very thankful for her professional support and human touch.

Aleksandra Georgescu

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