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In-Service of HumanKind: Remember to be both, Human and Kind 


Meet Mariette

Hi, I'm Mariette

I am here for YOU, as a Transformational Therapist and Trainer. 

I have been facilitating and holding space for countless children, parents, families, students, teachers, schools, and other organizations for over 30 years.

Through Transformational Training, Teachings, Tools, and Therapies aligned with Energetic Principles, we turn every stumbling block into a stepping-stone. 

Our Holistic Behaviour Management Model supports parents to Create Harmony at Home and teachers to create Cooperation in the Classroom, by navigating the blockages and limitations we experience to learning and evolving. 


I need the World to Know: 

The relationship is the Guru of Growth. 

Conscious Connection is key to unlocking the Potential and Purpose of Everything and Everyone we Relate to.

By Pairing Personal Growth and Parenting with Consciousness, we revolutionize our relationships and  heal the Energetic Blockages within the Family Field,

thereby Evolving Consciousness Itself. 


Children Playing
Conscious Parenting and Play Programs

About Us

At Inner Connection, we strive to help everyone achieve optimum levels of emotional, mental, and physical health. We do this through the above-mentioned modalities, as well as numerous other beneficial natural holistic health-related therapies, products, and services. These will range from nutrition, to exercise and developing the correct mindset to make the changes necessary to achieve optimum health and happiness. 

“Motherhood is not an easy journey and it is especially hard when we step into it with little or no support of your family. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a mother, sister or another close relative to teach you how to deal with yourself after the experience of pregnancy and labor and with the little human just brought into this world and ready to discover it through you. Here is where Mariette stepped in. I was lucky enough to be introduced to her in the first couple of months of this new journey and ever since I could rely on her support. 2 years later, my baby is growing up and becoming a beautiful, smart and healthy toddler. While I still struggle, it helps to know that I can always find her good advice and a professional solution. I am very thankful for her professional support and human touch.”

Aleksandra Georgescu

Image by Paige Cody

From Havoc to

Harmony at Home

Inner Connection's extensive online course for parents

Module 1: Mirror, mirror, on the Wall, who is responsible for it all?

Module 2: Meeting my child where they are at on all levels

Module 3: Getting a Yes

Module 4: What to do when you get a NO!

Parents can finish the course at their own pace - it is an Evolutionary Parenting

Process and Programme that will affect deep change and help them overcome their current challenges. I am always here to offer additional support and private sessions should they require it.



+973 39255531

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